We create innovations.


Every project counts. We're here to make the right connection from the start, always striving to achieve more than design alone. We undertake all of our projects with enthusiasm and care and we value the interaction that we have with our clients.

Our Designs are created with the latest in code and optimized for the web. The steps of our process are easy to follow. We take ownership in everything we create so that you can relax and enjoy our services to the fullest.

"...Working with the B13 Studio Crew has been an extraordinary experience from the spark of our concept to the launch of our website. Marco's technical expertise is bulletproof. His ability to understand what we wanted our website to express bordered on clairvoyant - he intuitively knew exactly what we wanted. His talent for articulating our ideas through his design is nothing short of astonishing.

Through Marco's encouragement, on-demand technical support, responsiveness and boundless optimism, the logo and website design for our company was a fun and engaging process throughout - a truly collaborative effort. Marco had the vision to take our project even further than we thought it could go.

The results exceeded our expectations."

- Laurent Rotroff | Chief Executive Officer Equatorius LLC -


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3.What We Do?

How can you choose a product without understanding the meaning?

Here's a couple of examples: HTML and PHP. What is the meaning of HTML or Hypertext Markup Languague? HTML is a standardized language for tagging text files to achieve font, color, graphic, and a variety of effects on web pages. What about PHP? PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is scripting language suited for web development that can be embedded into HTML. Confused? That is part of our mission, to help you understand the value of each product and if and when you need to invest in it.

What we do exacty? We specialize in website development, wordpress (blog) development, shopify (e-commerce) development, web design, logo design, web solutions, web tools integration, social media integration, platform revamp, consultation, photography, maintenance, backup, hosting setup and domain setup.

We also love brainstorming ideas with clients and value everything that you can share with us.

"...As the founder of a non-profit organization, it is imperative that our partners are recognized and our story is told effectively. Marco's compassion for his community is contagious. His enthusiastic approach and willingness to dive into your needs and expectations is nothing short of genuine and incredibly comforting. The creative side of my brain is limited, and as we discussed expectations, he was able to provide support and guidance for the web design. He never depended on my opinion solely, but was willing and comfortable in leveraging his skill set to develop a unique and gorgeous website. I absolutely love the design and intuitive navigation, arrangement, and organization of the site. It is exactly what I wanted!"

- Lauren Lichtenauer | CEO Christopher's Promise -


Every design developed by our crew is brought to you with a professional and personal approach, always. We work with the best authors in the market, presenting you the most modern and engaging designs available.

There is more... Following the launch of each project, we will provide you a week of free support to make sure that you fully understand all aspects of managing the structure of your site. You're not solo!

The final result of your project will provide your visitors a platform with responsiveness, definition and interaction. A cohesive result. A quick response towards the success of your brand.