An easy to grasp process.


1.PROCESS | "...a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end."

It's time to take your business to a new level and you know it. Our position is to evaluate your professional needs with the best of our abilities, utilizing a process that it's easy to grasp and to compreehed. We will discuss each step of the way so that we can create a project that will translate your brand for years to come.

With that in mind, what is going to happen exactly?

Phase 1.1 | Professional Goals: We will discuss requirements and responsabilities: our responsabilities as a studio and yours as a client. The entire process is a collaboration. Without communicating properly, chances are that the final product will not meet your expectations or the expectations of our studio. After all, we are a group of perfectionists that knows how to create killer projects.

Phase 1.2 | Expectations: Choices will impact the budget, the timeframe and the creative process. Let's talk about everything - from budget to technology and what we can achieve as a team. What type of produts and/or services will fit your professional needs? This phase is where we talk about structure, audience, content, technical details and schedule.

Phase 1.3 | Site Structure: The structure of your site is fundamental. The content bring the structure to life. Without the proper material, the look and feel of the project could get affected, big time. The content will be assigned based upon design priorities. This phase will define the wireframe of the project: where each element will be located on each page.

Phase 1.4 | Development and design: The look. The feel. The colors. The design. The functionality and the transparency of your brand. This phase is where we craft the website and bring your vison to life. Communicating updates and changes during this phase are inevitable as we successfully proceed towards the final product.

Phase 1.5 | Testing and Fixing Bugs: Most often, projects are created with a couple of flaws. Regardless evaluating and testing the platform over and over again, there will always be a bug or two that will come up during the backend development. It could be anything. We will test the entire platform from top to bottom to make sure that everything is functional and bug free prior to launch.

Phase 1.6 | Launch and Feedback: This phase it's where we sit and witness your success and the success of your brand. Your feedback is important to us - share it with our crew.


In most scenarios our projects can be launched within 2-3 weeks of work, except ecommerce platforms. We will be talking during the entire process to keep you posted of our progress. The Commencement date of the project is to be determined by mutual agreement regarding schedule, fees and delivery of files and/or folders.

The Contract Date differs from the Commencement Date: the Contract Date is when the paperwork is signed. The Commencement Date is when the development begins. It's crucial to have all files and folders delivered in a timely manner so that the launch of the project don't get affected.


Rates will always differ from project to project, depending upon the services provided. Our studio works in most scenarios with a Flat Rate Structure but our system at its core is hourly billing. We work efficiently and quote accurately, no worries here - we are mindful of your budget!

Our work has a value and your budget it's important.

If for some reason the project goes over the budget, we start billing again at our hourly rate. Rates will vary based upon complexity, photography, products and number of pages.


The client can make a single payment of 100% (total price in full) or 50% from the total price "to begin" a project, and the remaining 50% is due "before launch". For a project under $1,000.00 a payment of 100% is required.


Sensitive information is a big deal, important indeed. With that in mind, new credentials are to be created for the extension of your service. Our goal is to manage all files/folders successfully and to keep sensitive information intact. Once the project is completed the credentials will be updated with the credentials of your choice.

Our Studio works in most scenarios with a Flat Rate Structure but our system at its core is hourly billing. We work efficiently and quote accurately, no worries here - we are mindful of your budget!


Maintenance services are available at our hourly rate.